The More You Give The More You Receive

People have lived out their life giving and helping others but in return they have never seen the fruits of giving as they claim.Why? They have all along been using their physical eyes and forgot the spiritual part of existence. When you give with an in intention of receiving,don’t expect to receive.Most people have fallen to the trap of expecting rewards in the process of giving without understanding what the law of giving requires of them.And that clearly shows lack of generosity.In other words,they have a reason to help or give.For example people help others because they are family or friends.Or people help others because they have been nice to them or they can count on them.

Giving generously and especially as a sacrifice,communicates through asking directly from life.Without sacrifice it is hard for life to bestow of it’s possession. Therefore the little sacrifice you make as a result of giving,grants you the abundance of life. You do not give because you have plenty neither do you help because you are free from problems but because you are willing to do so.That thing that drives you unconsciously, to help or give is what will draw a reward from life.
Sacrifice is the act of giving or helping without expecting anything in return .It is not the act of giving expecting to receive. If it would be so,i’ll term it as evil.

How will we receive if we lack expectancy when giving?
It is hard to get something that you don’t expect even though at times it comes as a surprise.However,Receiving and Giving are two different things though of a similar kind.And therefore,they should be handled separately on different instances.
There is time for everything,the time to give and the time to expect.At the time of giving, Just give and forget you ever had that which you possessed.

When to expect

Expectations should be developed at instances that are not connected or related to giving.
When you want to receive, you should have an expectancy.Prepare yourself for what life has in store for you.Claim it through prayer and start seeing yourself owning it.
You might not get what you expect but whatever you receive, will be better than your expectations and of equal measure to what you ever gave willingly.
It may seem like life gives more compared to the little you’ve ever given but it should be understood that, that is the relative equality measure of life.
So anyone who has ever made sacrifice will never dispute of not seeing the fruits of giving.

James Moris Oigo

who speaks his mind through writing and believes that different thoughts create a great voice that can transform the human race in its entirety.

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