If You Can Dream It Then You Can Do It

Dreams may occur to human beings during sleep or not in a state of sleep(vision).The kind of dream that is emphasized by this subject is visionary, which will be discussed later. Therefore Dreams are thoughts that appear to the mind of a human being during sleep.Although it is uncertain whether animals dream.Dreams may be facilitated by natural or physical factors which affect the life of a person i.e stress,content and relaxation among’st others.The mentioned few factors directly affects the brain or even thoughts which in return determines what someone dreams.If those factors also apply to animals, is it safe to say that animals do dream?

All animals are affected by some of these factors such as stress which can be evident from their behaviour.For example a cat meows constantly when it loses it’s baby as an expression of grief. .

Dream As a Vision

You have probably heard about the famous quote “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe,the mind can achieve”.Means that any ideas that you are capable of formulating in your mind can be accomplished physically,only if you develop some sense of belief. Now,before one conceives, one perceives.And that means your senses can be the actual contributors to your thoughts.However, this might happen the other way,one conceives then perceives.Your thoughts becoming visible and that means you perceive that which originates from somewhere not on the physical world.I believe animals can only perceive before conception but not the other way whereas humans can do both.And that gives them the ability to possess what they envision.

How to transmute your dream to reality

  • Cleanse your mind with optimism.
  • Develop strong faith by being hopeful and confident.
  • Be prayerful.Begin to pray for the transpiration of your vision.
  • Start living your vision.
James Moris Oigo

who speaks his mind through writing and believes that different thoughts create a great voice that can transform the human race in its entirety.

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