How Well Do You Know God

As human beings, we have our own weaknesses especially when we face challenges on our day to day life.But how smart is one to corp up with the circumstances at hand solo.Most of the time, when you are caught in such scenarios,you tend to look for ways on how to deal with the situation. what are the things one has to do in order to approach the situation. Now, that depends on the type of situation.

Let’s for example think of parent who is in a financial crises and badly needs money to sort out his/her expenses such as rent and food. To fix the problem maybe is to talk with friends, neighbours or relatives, but what if every person responds negatively.
Perhaps, i might not be right about what God wants, but the moment when trouble finds you and your first thought is God for your rescue, everything will start falling into place and you will be amazed on how solutions will find you instead of you going out there to look for them.

You see God created us knowing each and every circumstances that may occur depending on our actions.He gave man all the powers over creatures that resorted to pride.However,He still knew that with the powers we have, at some point along the way,our fellow humans won’t help us. “It is a world with different human qualities,right?” . Even the compassionate ones,may sometimes find it hard to reach out.Because we were created humans not super humans.

So how well do you know God? does He always answer you back when you reach out to Him? If not,you should build on three things: Your Prayer habit,Trust and Faith.
Simple prayer works out wonders and if it doesn’t try, adjusting your faith.It should work.If nothing yet then Pray until something happens.Pray without ceasing.

James Moris Oigo

who speaks his mind through writing and believes that different thoughts create a great voice that can transform the human race in its entirety.

2 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know God”

  1. God gave us a helper and when we don’t have a relationship with our helper, mediator,our companion, comforter the Holy spirit then our life becomes a heavy yoke.
    The Holy spirit will teach us how to pray how to approach different situations we face in life. We are called to work on our relationship with the Holy spirit and he will work on our character in return.
    Our goal should be the Holy spirit to have a relationship with the Holy spirit and not the gifts that come with the Holy spirit.

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