We live in a time when the world is concentrating more on the economy. People have always been materialistic. And it is even worse nowadays because of the increased living standards that should be met by everyone. However, many people are living below the required standards making them to value money even more. When you are living in poverty, no one will understand you except those who have been there or are there in the same situation like you.

Most of the crimes in the world are committed by those who have the desire to possess what others have and using dubious means to feed their desire .Whenever you lack money you encounter a lot of temptations. You can lie in order to get money to pay for your house rent or to buy food. You can also betray someone because of money.
Money is always associated with greed because it is in human nature to want more for himself. Not only money but most of this materialistic things. Therefore the world has been made so by humans. For instance When a new born comes to this world, he already finds that we are living in a materialistic world, forcing him to adapt to it. A child doesn’t know about standards but he can distinguish between the poor and the rich. We have drawn a line between poverty and riches. We have made our souls motivated by money, believing that happiness comes as a result of having money and the more you have it the happier you are. Forgetting that there are other possessions in us. Things that we do not see. Where is the love in us; where is our kindness. Why don’t we use these free gifts that do not know our level of physical wealth.

How do we get rid of self?

We should begin by loving people then using other God given tools to support the love that we have for them. If you love people you will always want to be good to them. You will find it easy to exercise fairness. Jealously will never be part of you. Even in this competitive world, you will always be satisfied with you. You will always find happiness in doing good each day.

Be good to those you are living with. To those you meet in the streets and in your work places. Be good to everyone because the goodness you exhibit will always find its way back to you.

James Moris Oigo

who speaks his mind through writing and believes that different thoughts create a great voice that can transform the human race in its entirety.

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