Everybody in this world wants to have peace, saved or not saved everybody wants to experience peace. The world has its own kind of peace but it’s far different from the peace God offers. Peace offered by the world is fragile hence it doesn’t last.

God’s peace is far different from the world peace. His peace lasts longer and it’s deep. It’s unshakable and it doesn’t depend on any circumstance
Here is a question you can ask yourself….are you experiencing God’s peace in every aspect of your life?

I can simply say that peace is the inner calmness despite of things falling apart you are still calm on the inside. God wants us to experience this kind of peace and the good news is that He is the source of the very things you want to have.
I know some of us are in situations that are causing us to worry and maybe some of this things are out of our control. Remember God doesn’t want to you to worry and ask Him to give you peace and He will give it to you .In the book of John 14:27 we see that Jesus has given us His peace and He is telling us we shouldn’t let our hearts be troubled.

Jesus is the perfect picture of peace. When He was in the boat with the disciples He fell asleep and there was a huge storm. The disciples began fearing for their lives because they thought that they were going to drown. Most of us are like the disciples we tend to fear each time there are hiccups in our lives and we keep forgetting that Jesus is there with us despite the challenges we are facing. Jesus is not worried about the challenges you might be facing because He is in control of everything. This should be an encouragement to us.
If you want to experience His peace, let us recognize that He is in control and let us trust in Him.

Emmah Nduta

The universe needs courageous people. People who are not limited to their possibilities because their destinies are well shaped by it.

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