God Has All The Answers

There comes a time when life presents to you bitterness. All the joy you have been experiencing comes to a stand to give way for terror and pain. It is evident that life carries with it pain that we all have to experience at some point.

When you lose someone closer to you, the amount of pain you experience will always be equivalent to the moments you had with that person. It would be easy to get an escape route If one knew when death will strike. Death lurks and sides with no one hence it does not only take the weak.

The Bible talks about death as the ultimate price we must pay for the sin committed by our ancestors so neither of us can escape from it. However, it is awful especially for the young who have not yet accomplished a lot. God is omnipresent, He can not allow death to occur to those who are ambitious to fulfil His desires unless He wants you with Him. Obedience to His word is what grants us the long life on earth. We need to understand that without God, man is vulnerable to death because of the darker forces present on earth. Man alone is short of strength when faced by demons. And other people’s prayers is what keeps him alive at that moment.

This Journey of life has no ending. People will come to our lives, each with a unique character while those we have known shall eventually depart. You will be there just watching , without any control of what will happen next. You will seek for answers to why all these people who made an impact on you , were actually introduced to you. Then a time will reach of giving back and before you know it, life will have snatched them from you. You had it all planned but now your plans are no more. You then realize that your plans were after all futile and decide to give back to nature, what the dead would have wanted.

If we knew what God wanted and failed not to accomplish that, our mere plans would work perfectly. And premature death would not have found us. God overcame death and when we connect with him, we would be like Him, having the ability to control death and understanding what life really is.

James Moris Oigo

who speaks his mind through writing and believes that different thoughts create a great voice that can transform the human race in its entirety.

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