when someone wants to bring a fight to you, for example, he will first step on you, but then it will appear to be an accident for the first time. And when he does that for the second time, it no longer becomes an accident. Now what happens when he does that repeatedly and all you can do is to keep quiet and allow it to happen.

Humans with wounds that seem not to heal easily, were deeply hurt at some point in life and that resulted from continuous infliction of pain. Since then, they have kept the pain in their hearts. Pain caused by deceptions, infidelity ,abuse or any other negative attachments.

But what can you do when someone confronts you with an abuse for example. Will you just sit there and Listen to the filthy words coming out from his mouth or will you rise up and stop him by any means or will you vacate from there and leave him talking. What will you do?

If you leave him there talking, chances are that the next time he sees you, he will want to finish with you as quick as possible, because he knows that you might flee again. The point is you have given him power over you. He believes his words can move you which seemingly does. If you rise up and say enough is enough then start exchanging words with him, now that will create a war you never intended and the fact that you responded to his words negatively, means he shall have won. The next time he will come back Bigger and Better because he enjoys it, you don’t.
if you sit there doing nothing and allow him to talk, he will only take advantage of you and the act will never come to an end, unless he terminates it. But what if you smile at him and respond to him in the most positive way with clarity. For example you can say that God loves you and me and He already has forgiven us (You do the unusual at that time).Some few simple words that should cause him to reflect on himself. This should be the absolute point .Watch what he does or say afterwards .I’m perfectly sure he’ll lack words to say or maybe talk little then go or even call you a mad person. At that instant you will have given him a weight to carry which only he can unburden himself from it, through forgiveness. The next time he’ll not show up or if he does he’ll be asking for forgiveness.

Never should you be in the same situation for a long time because that will inflict in you pain which causes deep wound .A wound created by someone who doesn’t love you, his happiness is always your down fall. Never accept that!
When you are a victim of this situation, forgiveness sounds like a joke to you, why? because you have already been deeply wounded, and in you, their is no room for forgiveness. It’s not easy to just let go the bitterness in you but their is no escape route in the law of forgiveness. Don’t forget that as human beings we have as well wronged others directly or indirectly and the only way to be free from this is to seek for forgiveness from God and to forgive others. Do not forget that a positive life is a life built on liberation.

Even those who have been wounded a million times are reminded to forgive, mark 11:25 says “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that God may forgive you your sins”.

James Moris Oigo

who speaks his mind through writing and believes that different thoughts create a great voice that can transform the human race in its entirety.

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