Dream II

Sometimes God speaks to us through dreams and we find it impossible to realise and understand because our minds is mostly focused on what we can physically see and deprives us the ability to perceive things widely.

When God envisions you, He starts building your journey around that vision. He equips you with talents you can use along the way and ensures that He is there for you to guide you through. God has always been faithful and when He wants to do something for you, He eventually does. All He requires from you is to connect with Him through prayers and to serve Him. God uses humans to accomplish His mission but that does not mean that God wants us to help Him.

The part we have failed to understand is that when we discover our vision and decide to act without God’s involvement, builds a gap between us and God. Because why should we need Him if we are strong and wise enough to handle any challenge that comes our way.

It is written in the book of proverbs 3:5-6 , " Trust in the Lord with all your heart , And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths."

Most of the time, patience is what we lack then we end up doing things on our own and mess up before we realise eventually, we start over and it begins to feel like we are trapped in a rat race. The point is when you involve God in what you do by giving Him a chance to work on those problems that seem to have no solution, an idea will be granted to you before you think of starting a fresh. Do not expect your journey to be easy. Everyone encounters difficulty and those who are patient emerge victorious sooner than the ones who opt for shortcuts.

When God gives you a vision, He will help you fulfil it even when you are surrounded by evil people just like the case of Joseph in the bible. Joseph’s vision came inform of a dream and he decided to engage his brothers not knowing that they’ll later betray him.
It is wise to share your dreams with people you trust and most importantly pray to God so that they may not eventually turn on you and to always be there for you. Because this dream God has put in you will bring a test in your life.

It is written in the book of psalms 105:17-19, "He sent a man before them, Joseph who was sold as a slave. They hurt his feet with fetters, He was laid in iron. Until the time that his word came to pass. The word of the Lord tested him."

Your dream becomes a reality once you pass the test. Good things are always on the other side of the mountain. Go through the journey for now however painful it is and I promise you that It won’t be for long. Shortcuts and impatience are some of the things that make our painful Journey seem endless, but if you become true to yourself, your patience will pay. As humans we want things to happen now and fast but remember that God has His own time. In His time, God will fulfil your dream.

James Moris Oigo

who speaks his mind through writing and believes that different thoughts create a great voice that can transform the human race in its entirety.

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  1. what stood out for me is that when God has given you a vision, He will help you achieve it no matter the circumstances.
    Love it!!!

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