Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

People go through hard times in life and others have the worst share of the bitter peel than others. Cancer, disabilities, poverty, rejection, and loss of loved ones just to mention a few, are some of the battles some people face daily. You would notice that those who go through these difficult times are ‘good’ people. The big question remains why do bad things happen to good people?

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Everybody in this world wants to have peace, saved or not saved everybody wants to experience peace. The world has its own kind of peace but it’s far different from the peace God offers. Peace offered by the world is fragile hence it doesn’t last.

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Bitterness is a hurt feeling inflicted by others and even yourself. The feeling occurs when you lose control over your emotions because something has interfered with your emotions in a negative way or because you feel someone has treated you unfairly

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We live in a time when the world is concentrating more on the economy. People have always been materialistic. And it is even worse nowadays because of the increased living standards that should be met by everyone.

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