Live life fully

An abundant life is filled with joy and happiness.The key aspects you need to consider will be discussed in details as a guide on how to maximize your life on earth.

Live life fully

An abundant life is filled with joy and happiness.The key aspects you need to consider will be discussed in details as a guide on how to maximize your life on earth.

Happiness,Joy& Success

Success,happiness and Joy is like ice,liquid and gas .The three substances are basically one but the only thing that differentiate them is their molecular state caused by temperature.

Science shows us that energy is required to change the atomic state of water to its relative constituents.But what is this energy? Energy is a force.

Now when we talk about success,happiness and Joy;we realize that these constituents are one and the same, the only reason they have different names is because of  ‘negative force’.

You’ve heard about negative energy,right? now in life,negative force are actions that separate success,happiness and joy.Anything that will destruct you from doing what’s right,Anything that will poison your mind by bringing negative thoughts into it,that is a negative force.

You might be thinking that, if we have negative force,we should also be having positive force.which is true.

In science,we know that the molecules of water are linked together by covalent  and hydrogen bond.The same way in life, positive force is what binds success,happiness and joy.

so we have two forces here;one that separates and the other one which unites.


This force which unites the three has the most important effect in life than anything else.Positive force is what makes us live a complete life.Therefore,the life of man on earth can never be completed without the help of this force.Success,happiness and joy can only be perceived as one,as they actually are,by accepting positive energy into our mind.

The mind is thus a source of everything. Therein,energy originates.Energy can be transferred from one mind to the other.This can weaken the existing thoughts in our mind,in turn affecting us emotionally, physically and also affecting our perception .

What happens when you add acid in water?will it have any effect on the molecular state of water?

Our focus here is not on the negative energy but on the positive energy.Because negative energy is more of a destructive energy and the majority are consumed by we’ll dwell on the positive energy or force.

There are many things that physically affect the success or happiness of the humankind.In this case we’ll look at the positive contributors.




4.)Social relationship



    1.   HEALTH 

To live a life of happiness,our health is the first thing that we must consider.How regular do you go to the doctor for check ups? How regular do you exercise your body?

For you to feel good,you need to consistently stick to a health plan.Happiness doesn’t come to someone who is lazy, instead it is found by a discipline and hardworking human.For that one reason we can deduce that success is happiness and health is a positive force that unites them as one.

The human body is designed in a way that it dies with time after to reduce this rate at which cells and organs deteriorate,exercise has to be carried out. That improves the metabolic rate and increases the life span of our body organs.

       B.  ATTITUDE

Attitude can be defined as the perception one has towards everything in life.The way you feel and see things can solely affect your happiness.

You should never create room in your mind for  critisism and condemnation.You can do this by not accepting or sharing critics.whenever negativity is allowed to cloud your mind,it changes your perspective about life in a negative way.

At some point you might have heard that words are powerful.This is true if only you internalize them in your mind through recursion.words have the ability to change your financial status and health before accepting words from other minds to dwell in your mind,filter them first and decide which ones to keep.

       C.  RELIGION

Religion is a belief concerning how living things and the universe came to be.

Religion has been misunderstood by most people who have concentrated with  the field of science and decided to draw conclusions based on what they have found through proof or evidence.

The controversy about religion and science has separated the two fields which has done no good to the human kind.The fact that in science energy can be calculated and can be measured,no one has ever seen energy and doesn’t know the source of it.

Religion talks about a superhuman or a supreme power called God, Who created everything in the universe. Human beings are like the superhuman and the energy that science talks about is from the supreme power. 


Now, Religion shows us that Hope is all we are living for.That God is love and everything good comes from him.And prayer is the only means of communication to God.Once you believe and accept that,you will live a life free from fear. 

Fear is negative energy that prevents us from attaining our desires.It hinders us from being successful or happy.It deprives us of good things that life has to offer.Human beings and even animals are susceptible to fear because we avoid being hurt.Positivity makes us visualize fear as a good thing.How? Little Fear makes people harmless.Little Fear gives you the excitement  you need to be driven or act. Now, strong fear is what carries the negative energy that you should avoid by knowing how to handle it when you are caught up in that situation .So if you understand that God gives you anything when you ask for it nicely,You can go ahead and ask for Happiness from Him.Remember that God is ultimate.


The relationship between humans created through  communication and may be influenced by activities such as sports or meetings.

Everything on earth that has feelings, has the ability to communicate.That include plants and animals.Communication of plants mostly involve transportation of nutrients and water.All animals of the same species communicate between each other while others can communicate with other animals of different species of the same class or even other classes.

Humans are special animals because they have the ability to talk, verbally. That makes it viable and efficient.However,most of our conversations are not effective because we lack freedom.


Freedom developed in us through the way we were brought up or nurtured. This brings some form of doubt about their perception and reaction especially when we talk to strangers or others who we rarely speak to.

To beat this servitude,you need to adapt a new way of life.Practice the art of speech or simply unchain yourself by being ready to share your ideas and don’t judge yourself.

when we relate effectively,it is easy to create a good relationship.Now, good relationship is created when we talk nicely to others adhering to the basic communication skills.This promotes love and unity which are the major constituents of happiness.

Good relationship can increase your happiness abundantly.



It is the knowledge acquired from school and  religious institutions. Knowledge is a very critical tool that can help you find your way through in life.With knowledge you can improve your state of life through essential applications.That can help you move closer to your goals and eventually become successful. 

Most philosophers have proven that too much of knowledge brings sorrow.In Ecclesiastes 1:18 it is written “For in much wisdom is much grief,And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.That knowledge talked about  is called erudition,acquired from both education and experience.

The little you know the happier you are.This however contradicts  the fact that happiness is success and vice-versa.An educated person can claim that he/she is successful in education but that doesn’t make him more happy that the rest.

The proverb ‘Ignorance is bliss’ phrased by Thomas  Gray says that a person can not be troubled by what he knows nothing of. Ignorance however is dangerous.You live with creatures of your kind meaning you are not the only human to be alive.People who are knowledgeable can take advantage of your ignorance by using the knowledge they have as a weapon to harm you.

You might think that knowing little is encouraging but it’s not.Actually your level of happiness is reduced to your level of knowledge.You cannot therefore achieve abundance in life with little knowledge about life itself.

An erudite perceives life with clarity and more understanding.He may have difficulty of living with people who are not in the same level as he is.That alone can create depression.But the good thing is that it is easy to adjust to a lower level than to a higher level.Talk of frequencies,you need more energy to vibrate at high frequencies than low frequencies.

Learning is a non-ending process;it is what creates us.


refers to funds or money obtained as income.In this materialistic world,money has made our lives simple because of its use as a measure of value.

Most people think success is  having lots of money which is not true.As a reader,at this point you now have understood what success really is, and you are able to enlighten someone else.

Now, these people have spent their entire life in search of wealth until they have forgotten to live.You need to understand that with money you can buy many things in this world but not everything.The percentage that can not be bought with money is what holds the 99% of life.

With the development and the growing population,resources have been limited and this is one of the major reasons why the value of money has increased significantly.Everyone relies on money as a source of their  livelihood.

Finance has therefore become so much important to the extent that we are obscured from the fruits of life.How do we then  live to get from nature with the financial burden on us? Plan,with the little time we have on earth.

Some of our jobs are demanding  of our time but with the free time remaining,we can use it to do something different that is not attached to money.Quit thinking of your work every time and have time for other activities.

Mark Twain said “The lack of Money is the root of all evil”. In the book of Timothy 6:10 says ” For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have stayed from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” The two quotes have something in common that money is the root of all evil meaning it can also be a bad thing.You should therefore not work for money but as a means of helping others and in return getting hard and work to your satisfaction.


“It’s really important that you feel good.Because this feeling is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you.So the more you can feel good,the more you will attract the things that help you feel good.”

~Joe Vitale

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

~Albert Einstein

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.”

~ Burton Hills

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

~ Wayne Dyer

“The universe is always sending you inspiration,you have to listen and allow.” 

~Linda Armstrong